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Google Repair Videos and Guides

From the creators of the Android OS, Google has created the line of Nexus electronic devices. Manufacturing is handled by partnering with LG, Huawei, Motorola, and Asus. Nexus is considered to be Google's Flagship products. Google phones are widely known and used everywhere. Google is a huge company, and each one of their phone models is reliable. With so many people using them, we’ve decided to create easy to use, step by step, repair guides! Our Google Guides include guides for the Nexus models, the Pixel models, and the G1. We want to make your DIY repairs easier for you.

Every guide that we’ve made is different. Some cover the problems that you might have with a screen, while others may cover your battery problems. We also have Take Apart guides to assist you while you disassemble your phone. The guides also include a list of required tools and parts that you will need. Each part and tool can be purchased here, with us, at affordable prices!

Our tools, parts, and guides will make your DIY experience go by in a breeze, and at a great price! Every guide is made uniquely for your specific problem, and they are all made by RepairsUniverse! So if you are having a problem with your Google phone, check out our guides. Your phone will be fixed in no time!

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