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iPad 3 Repair Toolkit (Bundle & Save)

Our Price: $10.99

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If you are needing to repair your iPad 3, you should know this process requires a lot of special tools. In most cases, when you find all of the tools that are required for your repair it can add up very quickly. Thankfully, RepairsUniverse offers this iPad 3 Repair Toolkit that will not only enable you to complete any kind of repair on your iPad 3, but it will also save you time and money that it requires to find and purchase all of these tools separately.

This complete iPad 3 toolkit has been carefully put together to include every tool you would ever need to tear down and re-assemble your iPad 3. Whether you need to replace a cracked glass touch screen, broken LCD, faulty headphone jack, or other internal component, you will find this toolkit comes with every tool you need to perform a safer and more convenient repair.

Browse our entire catalog of iPad 3 replacement parts to find exactly what you need to fix your iPad yourself!


This iPad 3 Toolkit Includes:


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