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LG Repair Guides & Videos

LG is a huge company when it comes to entertainment and smartphones. LG manufactures a wide range of smartphones. With so many different phone models, weve decided to make step by step repair guides just for you. If your LG smartphone has been broken or damaged, we are here to help!

Our guides include guides for the Nexus models, the LG G models, the Optimus models, and many other models. Our guides are very helpful. They are not only easy to follow but they list every tool and part that you need to complete your repair! Each guide is different, considering what problem your phone may have. If your phone needs a new LCD, check out the LCD replacement guides. If your phones battery life is not like it use to be, look for the battery replacement guides! We also have Take Apart Guides to help you safely disassemble your phone!

All of the needed tools and parts can be bought here! We sell all of them at affordable prices, you wont be disappointed! With the help of our tools, parts, and guides, your phone will be working like its brand new! Check out all of our unique guides down below, so you can get to repairing your phone as soon as possible!

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